Matthew 15:22-28

Matthew 15:22-28 (NKJV)

22 And behold, a woman of Canaan came from that region and cried out to Him, saying, “Have mercy on me, O Lord, Son of David! My daughter is severely demon-possessed.” 23 But He answered her not a word. And His disciples came and urged Him, saying, “Send her away, for she cries out after us.” 24 But He answered and said, “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” 25 Then she came and worshiped Him, saying, “Lord, help me!” 26 But He answered and said, “It is not good to take the children’s bread and throw it to the little dogs.” 27 And she said, “Yes, Lord, yet even the little dogs eat the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.” 28 Then Jesus answered and said to her, “O woman, great is your faith! Let it be to you as you desire.” And her daughter was healed from that very hour.

Notes from my Bible:

v.24 – Jesus spoke a similar word in His instructions to the disciples concerning their own ministry (10:5-6). The restriction on His mission did not involve racial exclusivism, but was strictly a matter of His limitations as a person and distinct priorities set by the Father. In God‘s plan the gospel must first be offered to the Old Covenent people, because of their calling and the responsibilities it entailed. The gathering of Israel must precede and prepare for the gathering of Gentiles (Rom. 1:16).

v. 27 – The woman acknowledges Israel’s priviledge and priority, yet appeals to Jesus’ unconditional kindness for her demon possessed daughter.

What I received from this message:

I must confess this verse came from a dear friend who received this verse upon reflection of our first encounter with one another on February 24, 2013. I blog this day because it one was of those big treasure boxes which God had for me but I might have missed it if I had chosen not to go to our chuch’s outdoor baptism. Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm is when our baptism began. At 4:00pm I was still sitting on the couch debating whether to finish watching the nail biting end to a phenominal Nascar race where Danica Patrick was making history. She had been in the top 10 all day after already making history by qualifying and starting the race in poll position. I really wanted to be at the baptism too. I was torn! As I look back now I was caught wanting to witness human history for women or the spiritual history being made for a new believer. To me, they are both important. Well, I got my rear end off the couch, hit record button for the TV, and we left for the baptism. We reached our destination at about 4:15pm, as we strolled up to the pool area we heard the sounds of cheers! You see another daughter of God made history by publically professing her faith through Baptism. For me, everytime someone is baptized it is history in the making. So we went on to celebrating with good food, good company, and a cloudy (almost rainy day). Our crowd in attendence was small due to a rain scare, lol. My husband and I were new to the church. We had attended at this point 3 Sunday services and I had questions to ask of those who called Heartcry Chapel home. The woman who chose to answer my questions was sweet spirited and helpful. Throughout the afternoon, my spirit was continually drawn to a woman sitting off to the side. As the event broke up, I kept feeling as though I was suppose to introduce myself to this woman. However, she was engaged in a long conversation with another woman. I watched her walk off to her car as I was getting my things together. God had a plan! As my husband and I began walking to our car, the women had stopped to talk right in front of our car! Their conversation had closed and I introduced myself to both of them. The women I was spiritually drawn to, looked at me, and asked me 2 simple questions. What transpired from that moment prompted a healing in me beyond words. God, simply used her to say, “I see you!” and “You are an Overcomer!” She proclaimed God’s glory was all around me. She embraced me, holding onto me and rocking me. It was so AMAZING! I was reminded that day of the power of God’s people to love and encourage each other. This woman did not know me but I will forever be eternally grateful for her taking the time to allow God to use her for His glory. Live out your life seeking God to provide these moments where you can be used for His glory. He may just use you to impact a life like mine!


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